Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oldest unsolving problem, what he said, what she said...

I remember those days, while i was a kid , how  untolerable and irresistible kid i was..I was stubborn and doing things that i should not to allow..(shit i am still the same)

Those days were way over..Today is something different ..The idea is different, people are different, interaction are different..but there is only one shit is the same..

What i said..What she said..

This is not a trouble hence not a problem to struggle with. But people can't always realize the picture what they are actually looking.

Opinions and ideas may encounter somehow but when people are joking it's often to put third partys in it to make more laugh..This is not a coincidence afterall ..or just a coincidence ?
Or should we be more objective that this is an actual joke ?
Jokes make people laugh ? But some jokes don't..

What i said..what she said...

Surely i am not a kind of man who don't like jokes, i actually like it but...but when i listened a joke, actually if i am in this subject of the joke, i may be would like to be a part of it or not..
But it depends involving the third party playing in it..

Sometimes when you listened to jokes, you don't want to feel the disturbance of third parties actually listens jokes about is your life c'mon ..jokes has to be tolerated somehow..but some jokes hurts..

Of course it's not the greatest humiliation but why involving third parties ?
What i said..what she said..

Hard times, harsh times...

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